Meeting the laundry and dry-cleaning industries' needs at the right price

With the most fuel-efficient and technologically advanced boilers available, Cleaver-Brooks engineers with your tough working conditions in mind. From 2 to 350 horsepower, there's a Cleaver-Brooks boiler that will meet your needs at the absolute lowest cost of operation.

9.5 – 30 horsepower

The new CBT Tubeless Steam Boiler from Cleaver-Brooks features our proven heat exchanger design technology, combined with a premix modulating draft burner and integrated touch screen control. This compact boiler offers high-efficiency and low-emissions, and features thick pressure vessel plates to provide long life.

10-60 horsepower

The Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire boilers are the most technologically advanced boilers ever offered to the laundry and dry-cleaning industries. Utilizing patented heat transfer technology and a premium burner, efficiencies reach 86% while achieving ultra-low emissions—all with no costly upgrades.

2-350 horsepower (12-3375 kW)

Cleaver-Brooks Electric Boilers are designed for heavy-duty commercial processes. They serve as either a primary or supplementary source of both steam and hot water. These immersion element boilers are virtually 100% efficient, emission free, quiet, safe, and compact.

125-350 horsepower

For larger steam requirements, package firetube model CBR offers high efficiencies and low emissions, standard. The CBR’s integral burner has long been the benchmark for larger firetubes. Having pioneered the package firetube boiler, Cleaver-Brooks precisely matches the integral burner to the boiler for unrivaled efficiencies.